Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rain: More Rain (February 25-26)

We got another 1.4 inches of rain on February 25-26. It drizzled most of the night on the 25th. After a lull in the morning on the 26th, we got a good downpour. That brings our total for the 2013-2014 rain year to 15.25 inches, although some locations in Santa Rosa have had as much as two or three inches less than that. We are still well below normal (nearly 12 inches below normal), but every little bit helps, and more rain is forecast in the coming two to three days, with the bulk expected to come tomorrow, the 28th.

[Update: Overnight (on the night of the 27th and into the 28th, we got more rain and it was very windy, but I found only 0.6 inches of rain in the rain gauge in the morning--much less than the howling last night suggested I'd find. Still, I'm not complaining. That brings us to 15.85 inches at my house, although the online station I most frequently monitor for Santa Rosa is reporting only 12.85 inches. Normally, our totals are fairly close.]

[Update: By the end of the 28th, we had had 0.8 inches, which brings the total to 16.05 inches.]

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Cocktail Glass Collection: The 500 Club, San Francisco

I found myself walking along Valencia St. in San Francisco yesterday, winding my way back to my car  after an appointment--a lot of interesting shops there. I walked a few blocks on 17th St. on my way back toward Dolores Park. At the corner of 17th and Guerrero, I spied The 500 Club, apparently a well-known dive bar, judging from Internet comments I found. I photographed the sign out front to add to my Cocktail Glass Collection--a collection of photos of the martini glass signs in front of bars I began last year (not very seriously--I just enjoy seeing good examples of variations on a theme). This one actually has two martini glasses incorporated into the sign--a large one in neon and other lights perched on top and a smaller all-neon glass at the bottom. Both have skewered cherries.

Click here to see it lit up at night--the top half anyway.

To see others in this series of photographs, click on the "cocktail glass collection" label. 

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