Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Cocktail Glass Collection: Neon Cocktail Glass with Unusual Garnish

Here's another neon cocktail glass to add to my collection. Until now, I've found such signs only in front of bars, so this one's an outlier. It's not in front of a bar but in front of one of San Francisco's North Beach topless clubs--which explains the unusual garnish. It reminded me of a Mel Ramos painting. Is that a very large olive? A melon, maybe?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Rain: Finally, More Rain (February-early March 2018)

After a very, very dry February, we've finally had a little real rain again (on the night of February 25-26 mostly), adding 0.30 inches. More rain is in the forecast for the coming few days. The more the better. So far, our total stands at only 10.95 inches, which is well below normal for the end of February. We'll see how much new rain we get in the coming week.

[Update: On the night of March 1, very heavy rain added 1.35 inches to our total. We now stand at 12.30 inches for the year as of March 1 noon, but more rain is forecast for tonight.]

[Update: As of noon on March 3, we've had an additional 0.90 inches, bringing the total to 13.20 inches for the year so far.]

[Update: Another 0.30 inches brought the total as of March 8 to 13.50 inches. It's supposed to rain for much of the coming week.]

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