Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Michael Christie and Anna Fedorova with the Santa Rosa Symphony

I had the privilege of being the backstage photographer at the Santa Rosa Symphony again on February 13 at the Green Music Center. Santa Rosa Symphony director candidate Michael Christie led the Symphony in Bernstein's music from On the Waterfront, Prokofieff's Piano Concerto No. 3, and Dvorak's Symphony No. 9. Anna Fedorova was soloist in the concerto.

Wines I'm Making: Bottling 2016 Zinfandel and 2017 Rosé

I finally got around to bottling our 2017 rosé last week and it was time to get the 2016 Zinfandel I made from our neighbor's grapes into bottle as well, so I spent a day at it. I designed labels for the two wines as well as for a few older bottles of rosé that hadn't been labeled. Everything looks pretty good.

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