Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miscellaneous: Storm and New Neighbors

Well, they were right about a storm coming in. We haven't had one like this for several years. Heavy rain and high winds. My rain gauge already shows 3 inches last night and today. In other words, we've had a tenth of our normal annual rainfall already in less than 24 hours. That bodes well.

In other news, the house next door to us is in escrow again. We'll see if the sale goes through this time. Sounds like a younger couple with a one-year-old daughter. It will be strange having neighbors on that side for the first time in the nine years we've lived here. As long as they are quiet and don't have noisy dogs, I'm happy. It would be nice if they were educated, artsy, wine enthusiasts, but you can't have everything. We'll see.

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