Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird's I'm Watching: San Francisco

In the city on Saturday morning--San Francsico, that is--I spent some time at Lake Merced and then at Golden Gate Park, mostly in the Strybing Arboretum area. Lake Merced was rather disappointing. I'm sure it's a good place for birds from time to time, but yesterday there were few and none of any special interest--mostly coots. Not that I have anything against coots. Actually, I do. A coot is a particularly hard bird to photograph. That's what I have against coots. They're all black except for their all-white bills. Expose one right and the other is inevitably overexposed or underexposed. But, enough about coots.

At Golden Gate Park, there was similarly nothing out of the ordinary, but I ran into an Anna's Hummingbird that was remarkably tame. It allowed me to approach to well within an arm's length. Although I didn't try to touch it, I could have. I got some good photos of it, a couple of which I've posted here. In the second shot, you can even see its little hummingbird tongue. You can enlarge the photos by clicking them.

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