Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plants I'm Growing--First Blooms: Aloe Buhrii, Achillea "Moonshine" (2010)

First blooms today on Aloe buhrii and on one of the yarrows in the garden, Achillea millefolium "Moonshine." Aloe buhrii has been among the most successful aloes in the garden, chiefly because it's a native of high altitudes in South Africa and therefore has no problem with the winter cold. It was completely unaffected by the cold winter of 2009-2010 (cold for Santa Rosa; it got down to about 23 degrees). The first flower among many on a strong central spike opened today to reveal the tips of a few stamens. This plant bloomed in 2009 on May 11. A year according to Aloe buhrii was therefore 369 days.

Likewise, "Moonshine" has been the most successful of all the Achillea millefolium varieties I've tried in the garden. Most live a year or two and then disappear. This plant has come back reliably for five years now. It blooms over a long period. The native bees seem to love it (there's one drinking nectar in the photo here). In 2009, this plant bloomed on May 8, for a year of 372 days.

Many yellow flowers, not all as successful as these.

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