Monday, May 31, 2010

Plants I'm growing: First Blooms--Teucrium Cossonii, Salvia Nemorosa (May 31, 2010)

First flowers of 2010 today on Teucrium cossonii, a ground-cover Teucrium with attractive grayish-green foliage. Teucrium cossonii has clusters of small salvia-like, purplish-pink flowers that cover the plant when in full bloom. This plant has been reliable for many years. It takes the summer drought fairly well, but looks best with a little water. This year it looks wonderful because they have had a great deal more rain than usual.

First blooms on Salvia nemorosa on May 29. Another reliable, fairly drought-tolerant plant. The foliage dies back completely in the winter, but always comes back in the spring. Doesn't seem to be picky about soil. A favorite of the the bees.

Gaura lindheimeri started blooming on May 30.

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