Thursday, July 8, 2010

On the road (Europe 2010): Carcassonne

Not much to report. I've been mostly working the past couple of days. Now in Carcassonne on the way to Barcelona. I have driven past Carcassonne a number of times in the past, but never stopped here. Had a brief look late last night after dark. Today will be a day of exploring the walls.

On the drive over I very much enjoyed the countryside along the River Orb, passing through Roquebrun (of my recent wine tastings, where I found Cave de Roquebrun; the town is beautiful), Murviel les Beziers, Cessenon, Vieussan, Olargues, St. Pons de Thomieres, Albine, and Mazamet. Early on the route were many places to swim in the river. There are rafting and kayak rental places as well. Later the winding, nicely paved roads were in heavily forested areas, which had me wishing I was driving my own car, rather than the rather surprisingly poorly designed Mercedes B Class that we have rented.

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