Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the Road (Europe 2010): Home Again

After more than two months away, it's strange to be home again. I'd gotten used to the rhythm of southern France and the driving (roundabouts everywhere and drivers showing rather more exuberance behind the wheel than is common here--despite the very narrow streets and country roads lined with massive plane trees, most with telltale patches of bark missing at bumper level). I'll miss the fresh baguettes and the cheap wine and cheese.

Everything looks insubstantial here compared with the stone and iron of the little French villages. It will take a few days to adjust, many more days to clean up the garden, which is overgrown and in need of water, despite the very cool temperatures Santa Rosa seems to have had. Many flowers are still blooming that are normally finished by late June. Everything seems to be about six weeks behind--although the Flavor King pluot had a lot of fruit this year. Yesterday I picked what the raccoons hadn't already eaten. When will we harvest the grapes? Late October or early November even? The taxi driver from the airport said it's been called the coldest summer here in 50 years.

Is post-vacation depression a recognized condition?

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