Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plants I'm Growing: First Blooms--Yarrow "Moonshine," Aloe Buhrii (2011)

First blooms of 2011 yesterday on the Yarrow called "Moonshine" and on Aloe Buhrii, one of the most successful aloes here. It shrugs off the cold (it's a native of high elevations in South Africa), blooms reliably, and has attractive yellow-green mottled leaves in a pretty rosette. Coincidentally, both plants bloomed on the same day also in 2010, on May 15. Thus, both plants calculated a botanical year--from bloom to bloom--of 369 days. "Moonshine" bloomed on May 8 in 2009, for a year of 372 days in 2010. Aloe Buhrii bloomed on May 11 in 2009, for a year of 371 days in 2010.

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