Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Art I'm Looking At: The Allure of the Decoy

Going to the San Francisco Airport is almost always a pleasure. I can't remember a time I've visited the place when there wasn't an interesting exhibit or two going on in the International Terminal departure area. I was at the airport yesterday and very much enjoyed seeing a show of some very fine duck decoys. They ranged from crude facsimiles made from milk cartons to finely carved wooden sculptures painted beautifully to look like specific duck and goose species--I counted 18 distinct species. The best of what's on view rises to the level of sculptural art. Well worth a visit if you have business at the airport. The show, entitled "The Allure of the Decoy" will continue through November. Highly Recommended. In the photo above are two American Wigeon decoys (background) and two Canvasback decoys.

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