Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain: 0.75 inches Overnight (March 12-16, 2012)

Rain again, finally. It looks like we'll get a few inches this time--rain we very much need. There was 0.75 inches in the rain gauge last night, but I haven't yet updated the totals because it's still raining. I hope we can add two to three inches to our annual total, at least. We're still more than 10 inches behind.

[Update: As of noon on the 14th, we have had 3.30 inches of much-needed rain, and it's still raining. The forecast is for precipitation to continue for the next couple of days. Perhaps there's some hope of avoiding a very droughty summer this year after all. So far, the total now stands at 18.00 inches. We are currently 12.3 inches below normal for this date. The historical average for March 14th in Santa Rosa is 30.29 inches. Unfortunately, our annual average is 31.91 inches, which means that normally by this date we've already had nearly 95% of the rain we're going to get. The chances of making up 12 inches in the coming weeks seem slim, even if we pick up a couple more inches in the next few days.

An additional 1.9 inches fell overnight on the 15th. We are now at 19.90 inches--better, but still not enough. Hoping for more....]

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