Friday, November 23, 2012

Wines I'm Drinking: Old Burgundy (November 22, 2012)

Well, in the end*, I opened a 1980 Hospice de Beaune Cuvée Madelieine-Collginon Mazis-Chambertin and a 1989 Chambolle-Musigny "Les Charmes" from Bernard Amiot. I was worried about the condition of both wines, and so had the Échézeaux in the picture ready as a back-up, but, happily, both wines were delicious--quite mature, and therefore very soft and silky, but with real presence, too. The younger wine was predictably a little brighter and fresher, but the consensus was that the Mazis-Chambertin was much the better (equally predictably). I'm just glad both wines were in good shape. Makes one long for Paris and Beaune.

*This post follows on from yesterday's pre-Thanksgiving post.

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