Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain: A Storm in Late June (June 26, 2013)

Rain of any kind is unusual here in June. To have a real two-day rain at the end of June is extraordinary--and welcome. In the past two days, we've had an additional 1.65 inches of rain, which brings our total for the 2012-2013 rain year to 27.25 inches. That's still well below normal (annual precipitation in Santa Rosa is usually a little over 36 inches), but every little bit helps, and a significant rain this late will do a lot to keep things going until we can expect the rainy season to begin again, usually in October. The downside is that heat expected in the next few days will create steamy conditions perfect for mold formation on the grapes in the back yard. My first job will be to spray the grapevines with sulfur again, as soon as it clears. This morning, the rain has stopped, but it's still misty and overcast.

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