Monday, September 30, 2013

Art I'm Making: New Collage

I'm a bit surprised at my own productivity, lately. I've been making new collages at a pace of about one a week. I finished another yesterday that I'm pleased with. Unintentionally, it looks African. It would seem to have textile influences, but it was simply a matter of assembling pieces of a cut-up monoprint that I made with black and sepia ink. These things tend to have a life of their own. They can quickly veer off in unexpected directions. The artist's job sometimes is simply to be a shepherd and, ultimately, to be the one who decides whether a new creation lives or dies. This one will live. The photo here makes it look somewhat darker and blacker than it actually is. Photographs of art rarely do the original justice, but this shot is enough to give an idea of the actual work.

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