Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rain: From One Extreme to the Other (February 9, 2014)

After a long drought, it finally started to rain last Thursday and the skies seem intent on making up for lost time. Following the 5.7 inches I reported yesterday, we've had an additional 3.75 inches as of 1:00PM today, Sunday the 9th. That brings our 2013-2014 total to 13.05 inches, still well below normal, but remarkable considering that a week ago we'd had only 3.6 inches since July. In other words, we've had 9.45 inches in the past three days--and it's still pouring.

[As of Monday, February 10, at noon, the rain has stopped for the time being. Since last reporting we accumulated another 0.65 inches, bringing the total to 13.7 niches for the 2013-2014 rain year at this location in Santa Rosa. The storm thus brought us just over 10 inches of precipitation in total.]

[A few more dribbles later added 0.15 inches, buying the total now to 13.85 inches (as of February 19).]

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