Friday, February 20, 2015

Art I'm Making: New Collages (January 2015)

Still catching up, here are a couple of recent collages--these two finished in January. Untitled Collage No. 85 (Santa Rosa), picture above, uses scraps of various blue papers I've made in the past but also some of the yellow papers I've painted more recently. I like the way the central white element "talks to" the comb-like orange form at the bottom of this piece--and the dance of objects around that little conversation.

Untitled Collage No. 86 (Santa Rosa) is a smaller piece, one that draws on mottled, blue, grey, and maroon papers that remind me of old-fashioned marbled endpapers from book jackets. This is a dense piece that reminds me of layers of soil in cross section--although I had no such idea in mind as I was working on it.

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