Friday, August 21, 2015

Art I'm Making: Newer Collage

I've been taking a break from making art for the past couple of weeks. I've had a lot of work to do: I've had trouble with two different cars; I've had trouble with my Epson printer and Epson has been decidedly unhelpful and unsympathetic about it; I've put up a new show (the work of Santa Rosa photographer Barbara Elliott, at Shige Sushi, in Cotati); and I recently put up a show of my own work at The Spinster Sisters, in Santa Rosa. So, I've been busy.

Here's one of my more recent pieces, however, from back in June. Untitled Collage No. 108 (Santa Rosa). June 16, 2015. Acrylic on paper, acrylic monoprint, found paper (antique silver leaf), collage. 6.8 x 8.8cm. My show of recent work--abstract photography and monoprint collage (as well as a couple of older prints)--at The Spinster Sisters will be up through October 4, 2015.

  Click for a larger view. Visit my studio  (Studio No. 63) during the 2015 Sonoma County Art Trails open studios event, Saturday and Sunday, October 10th and 121h and Saturday and Sunday, October 17th and 18th, 2015.

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