Monday, January 4, 2016

Rain: New Rain (January 3-5, 2015)

We've had a little more rain overnight on January 3-4, adding 0.30 inches to our annual total, which now stands at 7.25 inches. I'd been hoping for more than that, but more storms appear to be on the way.

[Update: Heavy rain on the morning of January 5 has so far added another inch of rain and it's still raining. At 8.25 inches as of 11:00AM, we are still well below normal, however, as average rainfall by this date historically has been just under 15 inches.]

[Update: Another 0.95 inches overnight on January 5-6 leaves us now at 9.2 inches for the year. Better, but still well below normal.]

[Update: A further 0.9 inches on January 6 puts the total now at 10.1 inches for the 2015-2016 rain year.]

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