Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rain: Stormy Weather (January 7-8, 2017)

In our first big storm in quite a long time, the wind is howling and it's been raining all night. A large branch has fallen from a coast live oak in our yard. So far, we've had 2.70 inches of new rain, as of the morning of January 8. That brings our total so far for the 2016-2017 rain year to 23.30 inches at my location. Normal for this date in Santa Rosa is 15.9 inches. It's supposed to rain for the next three days. Normal annual rainfall for Santa Rosa is a little over 36 inches. We're well on our way to having an above-average year for the first time in a long time.

[Update: As of the morning of January 9, we have had an additional 0.55 inches at my location, bringing the total so far this year to 23.85 inches.]

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