Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Rain: A Little More Rain (March 14-15, 2022 and March 27)

We had a little rain in the early morning hours of March 14-15. We got 0.45 inches of new precipitation at my location in northeastern Santa Rosa. That brings our total for the 2021-2022 rain year to 22.45 inches. Every little bit helps, but we are woefully behind normal rainfall levels. By this time of year, we should have had about 34 inches. We got off to an excellent start early in the season, but have had almost no rain (until last night) since early in January save for a couple of tenths of an inch on one day in February. Rain is in the forecast again for Thursday, March 17. Let it rain....

[Edit: The rain predicted for the 17th failed to materialize, but a small storm passed through on March 27. It dropped 0.9 inches of rain at my location, bringing our total now to 23.35 inches--still very low, but better.]

[Edit: On 13 April we got about 0.5 inches of new rain and then it rained overnight and into the early morning or 15-16 April, adding another 0.9inches, for a total of about 1.4 inches since last reporting. That brings our total for the current rain year to 24.75 inches. That's a help, and there is rain in the forecast again for the coming week.]

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