Thursday, December 7, 2023

Art I'm Making: Untittled Collage No. 280 (Santa Rosa)

Earlier this year
, I made seven or eight collages using my usual handmade monotypes but also several sheets I had made simply by painting with black paint on paper, mimicking calligraphy, although this was asemic writing – that is, gibberish; I was simply using the brush as if writing characters, drawing on my informal study of Japanese calligraphy (I lived in Japan 19 years). Here's another in that group of collages.

This is Untitled Collage No. 280 (Santa Rosa). Completed March 23, 2023. Acrylic on paper, acrylic monotype, collage. Image size: 10.3cm x 11.8cm (4.1in x 4.7in). Signed on the mat. Signed and dated on the reverse. 
Click on the image for a larger view. For more of my abstract monotype collages, visit my website

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