Friday, September 4, 2009

Wines I'm Making: Sangiovese at 22 Brix (2009)

Tested a ripe-looking berry on one of the Sangiovese vines this morning. Showed sugar at 22 Brix, which is a bit surprising for September 4. Looks like the harvest may be fairly early this year. In a day or two I'll start taking representative samples from all the plants to get an idea of where the average is. I plan to pick at about 24 Brix. The seeds of at least some berries already look mature. There is a lot of fruit, even after the raccoons. It's been three nights now with no losses, though. Putting the nets on the outside of the electric fence seems to have been a good idea. It prevents them from pushing up against the plants and stealing fruit through the nets. Wonder whether to make rosé or red wine from the Sangiovese this year?

Today [September 5] I tested one of the riper-looking Cabernet berries in the yard. It, too, was at about 22 Brix. The seeds still looked a little green, but the fruit is well on its way to ripeness. I'll need to bottle last year's wine before too long to make room for this year's production. Looks like it'll be time to pick in about a week or so, maybe a little longer.

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