Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain: Yet Another Storm (May 25-27, 2010)

Yet another storm passed through the area yesterday, abating by early morning on the 26th. We got another 0.45 inches of rain. That brings our 2009-2010 total to 32.75 inches--solidly above the historical average for Santa Rosa of 31.01 inches and the highest it's been in several years (and other Santa Rosa locations have had more rain than we have). Rarely is the garden so lush at this time of year. The downside is that I'll have to spray the grapes with sulfur once again....

[Update: It started raining again overnight. I woke to the sound of thunder--a comparatively rare occurrence around here, and even the worst thunder in Santa Rosa seems tame compared with the earth-shaking bolts I remember from Ohio. I can still see my poor grandmother--a bright, well-educated, rational woman with a mortal fear of thunder--cowering in the stairwell of her house in Dayton during a booming May storm. So far, we've had another 0.85 inches since last reporting, or more than an inch in the past two days--and it's nearly June. The 2009-2010 total at my location is now 33.60 inches. The 2009-2010 official rain season will end on June 30. The 2010-2011 season begins on July 1.]

[Further update: Another 0.05 inches on the evening of June 3 and into the morning of June 4 brings our total to 33.65 inches.]

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