Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the Road (Europe 2010): Sardinia to Corsica

Yesterday crossed from Sardinia to Corsica on a smallish ferry, a one-hour crossing. Corsica was easily visible from the port at Santa Theresa. The Corsican coast is impressive. The sea approach to Bonifacio is guarded by fortified walls, and the rocky cliffs themselves are imposing. The Moby Line ferry has a funny whale logo.

The drive through mountainous countryside from Bonifacio to Ajaccio, Napoleon's place of birth, gives a taste of the scenery here, which is much more rugged than the lower, softer hills of most of Sardinia. Arrived late at the hotel. Today will be spent visiting the museum at Napoleon's home before moving north and east. Tomorrow we will cross to Livorno, to begin the drive back to France, via Florence and the Italian coast.

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