Monday, July 19, 2010

Wines I'm drinking: Cantina del Vermentino 2007 Vermentino di Gallura "Funtanaliras"

I am now in Corsica. Beautiful, rugged, mountainous terrain. There has been little time to sample the local wines, and it remains so hot that only well-chilled whites and rosés make any sense, but I did try a Corsican Vermentino that was tasty (although a little less crisp and higher in alcohol than the Sardinian examples I've had).

The best Vermentino I've tasted while traveling remains the 2007 Funatanaliras. I'm still enjoying (in memory) its exceptional perfume and excellent balance between fruitiness and fresh acidity. When I visited the producer in the little town of Monti (the local cooperative, the Cantina del Vermentino), they told me they have representation in New York and that the wine is distributed in California and other places. It may be available near you. Highly recommended. I paid only €5.9 euros (less than $7) a bottle at the producer (having seen it on menus for as much as around €20), but
it is likely to be considerably more expensive in the US.

On the drive to Monti, I passed a cork processing plant. There was a big warehouse with piles of cork outside and a truck or two piled absurdly high with cork.

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