Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rain: Rain Forecast for the Whole Week (Feb. 14-16, 2011)

The forecast is for rain this entire week. It started yesterday, Valentine's day, and rained most of the day. This morning it seems to have stopped, but more is on the way, judging from the clouds. Yesterday and overnight we added 0.95 inches, bringing our total so far for the 2010-201 rainy season to 19.40 inches, somewhat below the historical average for February 15 of 21.78 inches in Santa Rosa. Normal annual rainfall for Santa Rosa is just over 31 inches. The season goes through June 30.

[Update: Overnight on the 16th, a fairly vigorous storm blew in and dropped another 1.4 inches at our location, bringing our 2010-2011 total to 20.8 inches. That leaves us about an inch below normal, but I suspect we'll catch up quickly.]

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