Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plants I'm Growing--First Blooms: Santa Rosa Plum, "Flavor King" Pluot, "Pink Snowflakes" Rhododendron

A number of plants have come into bloom in the garden in the past couple of days: the Santa Rosa Plum I planted two years ago as a pollinator for the pluots, the "Flavor King" Pluot, and the "Pink Snowflakes" rhododendron. The pluot Dapple Dandy" is now in full bloom as well.

"Flavor King" began to bloom on February 13, the Santa Rosa plum on February 14, and "Pink Snowflakes" today (February 16). The Santa Rosa plum is in the first photo, the pluot "Flavor King" in the second. "Pink Snowflakes" is below. The Santa Rosa plum calculated a year of 356 days this year, 364 days last year. "Flavor King" calculated a year of 363 days this year, 375 days last year. "Pink Snowflakes" calculated a year of 357 days this year, 367 days last year. Interestingly these six data points average to just under 364 days, very close to an actual year.

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