Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birds I'm Watching: Palm Warbler at Sonoma County Airport (March 3, 2011)

I ventured out to the Sonoma County Airport today because someone reported there was a Palm Warbler hanging around in the trees along one of the roads adjacent to the airport, Ordinance Rd. I had little trouble finding the bird. He spent his time flying between a big oak tree and a stand of shrubs alongside one of the airport buildings where he flitted about looking for insects in the foliage and on the ground, flicking his tail like a wagtail much of the time.

What is he doing in Santa Rosa? I have no idea.  This is a warbler that normally stays east of the Rockies, but one or two do appear to stray out this way from time to time, according to the books. Anyway, I'm glad I got to see him--a finely streaked, pretty bird mostly of white and cream with a little yellow under the tail and at the throat. The white patches underneath at the tip of the tail are distinctive. That's my 204th species sighted in Sonoma County, No. 330 for my life list.

For more information about bird watching in Sonoma County, see my Website Sonoma County Bird Watching Spots.


  1. Jean and Ruth, the women for whom you so kindly changed their flat tire, turned me onto your web site on Sonoma county birding. Great job! Love it but you do not state where you get your sighting information. Culled from NoBay Rare Bird Alerts nor do I see a place to post our interesting or rare sightings. I saw the Harlequin duck at Spud Point yesterday 03/04 and wanted to post it but don't see how.

  2. Sighting information on the front page of my birding site (not this site) is from my own trips and, as you say, culled from North Bay Birds reports. Intended more to give people not familiar with the area an idea of what is unusual here than to alert local birders to things that I assume they are already getting from NBB. I can add a note for attribution, of course. Unusual sightings information on the location-specific pages use data from my own trips, from NBB posts, from the book "Birds of Sonoma County" (Bolander and Parmeter, 2001) and E-bird data.

    I don't have a way for users to post sightings on my own site (I assume you mean my Sonoma County Bird Watching Spots site rather than this site), I'm trying to figure out how to add a way to do that.

    Anyway, thanks very much for stopping by.



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