Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain: More Rain (March 2-3, 2011)

No, this isn't a blog about rain. I've just been busy the past few days and haven't had much to write about. Rain always interests me, though. Why? I'm not sure, really. Probably because our summers are SO dry. I just like to know how much has fallen. I like to know where we stand relative to a normal year.

Overnight, we got another 0.65 inches. That brings our 2010-2011 total to 24.85 inches (but it's still raining, and rain is predicted for most of the next few days). Normal rainfall for March 2 has been about 25.2 inches, so we are pretty much in line with a typical year. I suspect we'll be ahead by the end of the week. Having just planted the vegetable garden yesterday, rain is good.

[Beautiful and clear today, the 3rd of March, but we had a sprinkle last night, adding 0.05 inches to the 2010-2011 total, which is now 24.90 inches].

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