Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rain: And Thunder and Lightning (December 21-22, 2012)

An electrical storm last night (unusual here in Santa Rosa) dropped another 2.85 inches on us. That brings our 2012-2013 rainy season total to 17.70 inches. Normal for this date is about 11.5 inches, so we are way ahead so far. Historical average annual rainfall for Santa Rosa is about 36 inches, we're half way there.

[Update: Very heavy rain fell during the morning and early afternoon today, December 23--some of it about the heaviest downpour I've ever witnessed. We've had another 2.30 inches since the report above. That brings our total as of the evening of the 23rd to 20.00 inches.]

[Update: More rain on Christmas Day added another 1.25 inches, bringing the total to 21.25 inches.]

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