Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miscellaneous: Odd Connections (January 2, 2013)

This blog has been running for several years now. I write as the mood strikes me. I write mostly to record impressions or store information and ideas that might otherwise be lost. The writing therefore covers disparate topics. I range widely.

About three years ago now, I wrote a short entry about a couple of interesting Victorian houses in San Francisco (the original post is here), a pair of houses at the corner of Filbert St. and Webster St. in that city. I have tracking software on the blog that shows me where visitors come from (in the most general terms--usually indicating only country and city). Occasionally an old post will suddenly get a flurry of hits. Sometimes the reason is clear. This has happened most often when a halo around the moon is visible somewhere and a post I wrote on the subject of that phenomenon suddenly gets many hits all at once. Sometimes the reason is more mysterious. Today my post about the houses in San Francisco is getting dozens of hits, mostly from the US and Canada, but from as far away as England, India, and Vietnam. I wonder what has prompted the sudden interest in the subject?

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