Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rain: Heavy Rain (April 24-25, 2015)

On the night of April 24 and into the following morning we had a short but heavy rain that has perked up the plants again--a very welcome turn of events. On the morning of the 25th I found 1.26 inches in the rain gauge--which seems like more than there should have been. The official Santa Rosa rainfall was about 0.4 inches. I'm not sure why we'd have had three times as much, although rain can very quite a lot locally. Alternatively, there may have been some water left in the gauge from a hose that I was unaware of--although that's never happened before. We had had an even 24 inches of rain so far this year before the recent rain. If the gauge is correct, that would bring our local total to 25.26 inches. Using the official Santa Rosa figure would make it 24.40 inches. That is well below normal in either case. In the short term, however, the rain will allow us to leave irrigation turned off for another week or so--which is a good thing.

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