Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rain: Heavy Rain Continues (February 13, 2019)

We've been in the middle of another storm last night and so far today. The storm system and other rain since last reporting here has added another two inches to our total, but it's still raining. Therefore, we've had at least 23 inches so far, but I will update this precisely after the storm passes.

[STILL raining: As of 10:00AM on February 14 we've had 4.5 inches of new rain at my location since my last post here. I'm updating here because the gauge goes to only five inches. So, as of this morning, our total stands at 25.80 inches. That puts us ahead of the historical average, which is just under 24 inches for this date in Santa Rosa.]

[Update: As of 4:30 today (February 16) we've had another 1.3 inches since last reporting. Our total is now 27.10 inches.]

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