Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miscellaneous: Still Raining

It continued to rain overnight and it is still sprinkling this morning. The rain gauge read 0.75 inches as I took my son off to school this morning, but it will have risen since then. As of this writing, however, our 2009-2010 total stands at 14.25 inches, which is still somewhat below average, although other areas nearby are reporting rain higher than normal--for the first time in four years. Good news.

[Update: Rain finally abated today--the afternoon of the 22nd. The rain gauge shows 1.75 inches. That brings us to total of 16.0 inches as of 6:00PM today. 15.34 inches is the official average for this day in Santa Rosa, so we are a little less than three-quarters of an inch above average at our location, although some places nearby are reporting about an inch more than that. Anyway, being above the average is a good thing.]

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