Monday, January 18, 2010

Miscellaneous: Stormy Weather

While away over the long weekend (skiing at Lake Tahoe), we got another 1.3 inches of rain, and it's still coming down. It's supposed to be stormy all week. So far Santa Rosa has had 10.5 inches of rain in the 2009-2010 rainy season (as of 7:00PM Monday, January 18).

[Update: It's rained more or less steadily through the early part of the week. The rain gauge now shows 4.3 inches since we left for Lake Tahoe, that's an additional 3.0 inches since the numbers above. Thus, the total now at our location as of 10:30AM on Wednesday the 20th is 13.5 inches, which is getting close to normal for this date (about 14.9 inches), according to the site I monitor for data on normal rainfall. Usually my numbers are quite close to those reported on the site, but in the past two weeks the totals have gradually diverged. The weather site is currently showing a total of 15.53 inches, which is more than half an inch above the average. I'm a bit surprised by the difference now of more than two inches (the location of the site's rain gauge is only a few miles away), but more rain is good thing.]

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