Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plants I'm growing: Daphne Odorata, Prunus Mume

The first Daphne odorata blossoms are open in the garden today. They appear to have opened yesterday, January 18. Last year the Daphne bloomed on January 20, so a year (corresponding mostly to calendar year 2009) was 363 days, according to this plant. Buds on Prunus mume, the fragrant Japanese flowering plum behind the house, are swollen and ready to burst. The first one opened today, January 19. The first blossom last year opened on January 21, so a year, as calculated by this plant, was also 363 days.


  1. Love these pictures, Colin, especially the prunus mume. I'm intrigued with the changing colors of this flower? Or do they really change or it's just that there are white species like the one above and pink species like this one? Also, it seems that the leaves are quite different Does it really change color during the winter, or is it because there are some white species and there are pink species just like this one? Just the same, it's always a beautiful sight especially when they are in full bloom.

  2. Yes, they come in many shades. I'm not aware that they change color. They can be pure white, almost any shade of pink, and a deep pink verging on red.


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