Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the Road: Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake (Summer 2009)

Later in the day, went to Antelope Island, which is in the Great Salt Lake, but connected by a causeway. Very pretty. Saw thousands of avocets and gulls along the causeway. On the island proper, I walked out to the overlook by Egg Island, a raucous nesting site for California gulls, and what looked like cormorants. Saw four great blue herons by the water below the cliffs I had walked out onto. I flushed a pair of chukar partridges--a first sighting for me.

Had dinner at a Peruvian restaurant I took a chance on. Had ceviche of fish with onions, potatoes, corn, and yams. Simple, but very tasty. The first real food I've had in days.

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