Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Road: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Now in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I feel like I'm not getting anywhere very fast. Colorado turned out to be a good deal south of the road I'm on, so I think I'll try to go back home through Colorado rather than diverting now. The distances are a bit daunting. I can see now that the way to really do this would be to pick a region of the country of interest, fly into the nearest big city and then explore from a base rather than trying to fill in the spaces by car. Still, it's been interesting so far. Likely to end up in North Platte, Nebraska tonight.

Met a friendly local woman in Starbucks, who recommended a Chinese place for lunch, the Twin Dragon. She also mentioned a few interesting old buildings in town that I will try to swing by on the way out. Partly because it's Sunday, very little is going on here. I was able to stand in the street downtown for several minutes to photograph the State Capitol building--not a moving car in sight. The food at the restaurant turned out to be barely edible. I skipped the buildings and headed east.

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