Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Road: Iain Nicholson Audubon Center (summer 2009)

I happened to see a sign on 1-80 advertising the Iain Nicholson Audubon Center, near Kearney, Nebraska. It seemed worth stopping at. I'm glad I did. In about half an hour of walking and talking with the very helpful and friendly staff, I saw Baltimore orioles, a willow flycatcher (probable), dickcissels, bobolinks, bobwhites, a great blue heron, a catbird, a common yellowthroat, and a number of others that, ultimately I was unable to identify, including some sort of raptor with a very pale underside. Part of the problem is that I'm so far east now that my Western Birds is quickly losing its relevance. A very nice place this was. Well worth a visit. The dickcissel, the yellowthroat, and the flycatcher were first sightings for me, and I haven't seen a Baltimore oriole since the 1970s.

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