Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wines I'm Drinking: Wine Sale at Grocery Outlet and Gift Card Giveaway

A few weeks back I reviewed a number of wines in these pages that I purchased at Grocery Outlet. The people at Grocery Outlet headquarters in Berkeley happened to see the reviews and they recently asked me to be part of a team of guest bloggers reviewing wines from the store ahead of an upcoming wine sale--one of the two big wine sales they hold each year.

I normally like to keep my distance from retailers and wineries when I write about wine. In this case, however, I've accepted a $50 gift card to buy wine at the store to review as part of the company's promotion of the sale (20% off all wine from March 30 to April 3). I also get to give away a $50 Grocery Outlet gift card to one of my readers. It could be you.

I accepted this trade-off because they told me I could say anything I liked, good or bad (which I would have done anyway) and because they even said I could take the money and run--that is, they admitted I might not buy wine with the card or review wine at all (but I will). So, the card came with no strings, and, frankly, it's nice once in a while to get something in return for all the work that an active blog entails. So, thank you Grocery Outlet.

Look forward to a series of reviews of bargain wines at Grocery Outlet in the week ahead of the sale (March 22-26) and to the gift card giveaway (details to be posted soon). With warmer weather looming, I plan to try mostly white wines and rosé, looking for underpriced gems.

(See more wine reviews by clicking the "Wines I'm Drinking" label in the bar at right.)


  1. Bookmarked your blog and am looking forward to the reviews. Could also put that $50.00 gift card for Grocery Outlet to good use.


  2. Thanks! But remember, you'll have to make a comment or tweet about one of the reviews next week to be eligible. :)

  3. Just did. :-)



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