Monday, April 6, 2015

Rain: Morning Showers and More to Come (April 5-7, 2015)

Early morning rain on the 5th added 0.20 inches to our total for the year. Not much, but better than nothing. The forecast is for possibly rain today (the 6th) and for thunderstorms tomorrow. Let it rain. As of the morning of April 6, our total for the 2014-2015 rain year stands at 23.10 inches, which is about ten inches below normal.

[Update: Overnight and into the morning of April 7, we got heavy rain, but the predicted thunderstorms didn't materialize. Nevertheless, we got an additional--very welcome--0.90 inches of new precipitation at my location (northeast Santa Rosa). That brings the 2014-2015 total here to 24.00 inches. The weather website I monitor for historical data in Santa Rosa is reporting a total of only 21.80 inches. That station has received 0.6 inches of rain so far in the first seven days of April, for example, while I've recorded 1.1 inches during the same period. The historical average for April 6 is 32.67 inches, according to that site. So, we're still 8.67-10.87 inches below average this year. The forecast is still noting the possibility of thunderstorms (and hail) later in the day.]

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