Friday, April 9, 2010

Miscellaneous: When Product Safety Warnings Don't Make Sense

Recently, while out and about, I popped into a supermarket for something quick to drink. Seduced--as always--by the lovely lime, I chose a bottle of Stewart's Key Lime Soda. While idly reading the back label (as one does) I found a warning. I regret not saving the bottle because I can't quote it exactly, but it more or less said this: Soda bottles can explode, which is dangerous, so don't point a soda bottle at your face, particularly when opening one.

I got to thinking about that. "Particularly when opening one." It didn't say exclusively when opening one. The wording implies you should never point a soda bottle at your face--or at least not a bottle of Stewart's Key Lime Soda. I started trying to imagine drinking from a bottle of soda without pointing it at my face.... The mind boggles.

Having said that, the soda is good--old-fashioned soda fountain flavor. I also love the Boylan Black Cherry Soda they sell at Pearson & Co. here in Santa Rosa (and elsewhere, I'm sure). Real fruit flavor and sweetened with cane sugar--which really does taste better than high-fructose corn syrup.

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