Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rain: Light Rain (February 10, 2010)

It's actually sunny today, although cold again--we had a light frost overnight and frost is expected again tonight; I haven't checked to see if the buds on the Aloe arborescens are intact--but we have had another 0.2 inches of rain since I last reported. That brings our 2009-2010 season precipitation total to 19.15 inches. More rain is predicted for this week. I guess it's better than all the snow that's fallen in places like washington D.C. Then again, when it snows that much, it's kind of fun. Sometimes I miss the snow.

[Update: Since writing the above, we have had another 0.35 inches of rain. That brings our total to 19.50 inches as of the afternoon of February 14. That is right in line with the average, but some local stations are reporting a couple inches more than us. In any case, the reservoirs are full again and we've already had as much rain as we had in the entire season last year, so we're way ahead.]

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